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Neo Modern Portraits

neo portrait001.JPGneo portrait002.JPGneo portrait003.JPG

When Olga saw her friends portraits at her home, she called and said, “I have a look that I would love you guys to create for my family. Do you know of a location that has a slightly romantic feel with interesting hardscape and gardens?”

We had a private location that fit her vision perfectly. We consulted with her at her home to finalize details and wardrobe, and secured a fabulous make-up artist to complete their look. Surprisingly, everything needed to be coordinated around their beautiful German Shepard Xena, the warrior princess.

Everybody had a blast, and the grandparents were thrilled to have a multi-generational portrait. The portraits are now hanging in their home as rich sepia tone’s  etched into metal that has  a dramatic impact on the entry foyer.

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