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Some of our recent activity

Fall in Santa Barbara

Here is an example of what a couple of hours of fun photos looks like!!  Just look at that view!  At first Jessica thought another location would be better suited for their family portrait however when we saw this stunning view from the home, the obvious choice was apparent. We ended up creating a wall portrait for the mantle, holiday cards, and a small album with all favorite images we captured. 

Father and Daughter

Father Daughter Portrait
Not all great images are planned, but they all take a trained eye and a ready camera to capture.

Timothy and his daughter Isabella allowed us to show our adaptability and undying patience with little ones. Isabella was adorable, but very active and couldn’t sit still. Towards the end of the day, just as we were calling it a wrap, she settled down and we captured this touching moment between father and daughter. Great photographers are always prepared. If we had packed up our cameras five minutes earlier we wouldn’t have been able to catch this gem.

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Cespedes Family Portraits


What a unique opportunity to work with a proud Cuban American family. Matriarch and Patriarch, Isabelle and Henry, came over to the U.S. during the Cuban Revolution of the 1960’s. We had some fierce commentary and debate regarding the current U.S. administration and policy, making this a fun and memorable session. The Cespedes family put a lot of effort and importance into these portraits and it truly shows in the final images.

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Tohl Family Portrait


The Tohl family was so much fun to work with and this is one of our favorite shots of all time. Expertly composing this image within their home that Mr. Tohl (as an architect) built and including the family’s love of music required us to get out of our comfort zone and bother the neighbors to hop on the balcony of the sister building next door. We captured the comfort and fondness for the home in each family members face as well as using angles and dramatic lighting to just make this shot pop.

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Taylor Family Casuals


We were very honored to be asked back into the Taylor family’s lives for Riley’s Bar Mitzvah, after shooting his parents wedding 17 years earlier. These are only a few of the casual shots we created and they stand on their own as family portraits.

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Saffel Senior Portraits


Liz’s Mom Ann put her faith in us to create her daughter’s perfect senior portraits. We decided to venture into West Hollywood and Wilshire, to find some dynamic, fun locations to shoot including LACMA and the Pacific Design Center. Liz had such a great time in all the locations but it was Ann who fell in love with the above fountain shot and commented it was “.. just so Liz”.


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Ourfalian Family Portraits



Thank you Ourfalian family, we look forward to working with you again soon.


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Monkarsh Family


The Monkarsh family is so much fun and we consider them more than just clients, they are part of the family. They absolutely love music and it’s hard to find a corner of the house without a musical instrument in it, including Steve’s cool collection of guitars.

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Dr. Bill Family Portraits


Dentist to the Stars, Dr. Bill Dorfman, as seen on the hit show The Doctors, asked us to create these touching last glimpse portraits in their daughters’ childhood home. The family adored how we captured the love and memories of the beloved home and are thrilled to be able to bring this piece of family history with them into their new space.

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EP Music Shoot


We met up with our stylist Laura down in Venice, and as a team we created some great images with such emotion and ambiance. Laura expertly matched wardrobe and makeup to compliment the scene giving us the perfect shot every time. Charolette was just a treat to work with, trusting us to evoke the feeling of her music in her portraits.

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