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Tohl Family Portrait


The Tohl family was so much fun to work with and this is one of our favorite shots of all time. Expertly composing this image within their home that Mr. Tohl (as an architect) built and including the family’s love of music required us to get out of our comfort zone and bother the neighbors to hop on the balcony of the sister building next door. We captured the comfort and fondness for the home in each family members face as well as using angles and dramatic lighting to just make this shot pop.

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Taylor Family Casuals


We were very honored to be asked back into the Taylor family’s lives for Riley’s Bar Mitzvah, after shooting his parents wedding 17 years earlier. These are only a few of the casual shots we created and they stand on their own as family portraits.


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Ourfalian Family Portraits


The Ourfalian family put their trust in us to create portraits highlighting Grandma and the adorable miniature dachshund. With wardrobe and several locations we masterfully achieved the images they desired. The family loved the experience so much they left a wonderful review on our yelp page.

Thank you Ourfalian family, we look forward to working with you again soon.


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Monkarsh Family


The Monkarsh family is so much fun and we consider them more than just clients, they are part of the family. They absolutely love music and it’s hard to find a corner of the house without a musical instrument in it, including Steve’s cool collection of guitars.


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Dr. Bill Family Portraits


Dentist to the Stars, Dr. Bill Dorfman, as seen on the hit show The Doctors, asked us to create these touching last glimpse portraits in their daughters’ childhood home. The family adored how we captured the love and memories of the beloved home and are thrilled to be able to bring this piece of family history with them into their new space.


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The Ultimate Selfie


Every year the Braverman family calls on us to create the perfect holiday card, worthy of heads of state. These guys are always off the hook! Never a dull moment with them.

Naomi collaborates with us on their shoots which always results in the most unique, creative and fun concepts. This time was no different.

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Reunited with the Horowitz Family


We were re-acquainted with Claudine’s family at her nephew’s Bar Mitzvah. Talk about leaving a lasting impression. It was so much fun to reminisce about photographing her wedding 15 years earlier. We talked about how it would be so nice to do a mother daughter portrait session and here it is. What a pleasure it was to work with the Horowitz’s again.

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Neo Modern Portraits

neo portrait001.JPGneo portrait002.JPGneo portrait003.JPG

When Olga saw her friends portraits at her home, she called and said, “I have a look that I would love you guys to create for my family. Do you know of a location that has a slightly romantic feel with interesting hardscape and gardens?”

We had a private location that fit her vision perfectly. We consulted with her at her home to finalize details and wardrobe, and secured a fabulous make-up artist to complete their look. Surprisingly, everything needed to be coordinated around their beautiful German Shepard Xena, the warrior princess.

Everybody had a blast, and the grandparents were thrilled to have a multi-generational portrait. The portraits are now hanging in their home as rich sepia tone’s  etched into metal that has  a dramatic impact on the entry foyer.

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Children’s Portrait Fairies and Falls

We had a wonderful time at our secret garden location, Izzy and Juliet were so excited looking for fairies in the falls.  Paul and Lauren got a real kick out of the girls when they saw the geese and peacocks.  This is one of those shoots that really don’t feel like work at all.

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Who loves Horses?? (Portrait Photography in Calabasas)

IMG_9983Photographing people and their loved ones often includes their animals…  The really great thing is we always have new and different things to photograph.  Capturing the love and adoration is magical.

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