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Cespedes Family Portraits


What a unique opportunity to work with a proud Cuban American family. Matriarch and Patriarch, Isabelle and Henry, came over to the U.S. during the Cuban Revolution of the 1960’s. We had some fierce commentary and debate regarding the current U.S. administration and policy, making this a fun and memorable session. The Cespedes family put a lot of effort and importance into these portraits and it truly shows in the final images.


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Nice_Family_Portaits-7443 Nice_Family_Portaits-7517Nice_Family_Portaits-7576

This beautiful Calabasas family has been commissioning portraits from us for several years  now.  With our guidance we were able to work together to produce exceptional photos. The children were very delightful and the parents loved the outcome of every shot, making it a tough decision to determine which ones to display in their home.

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Watkins Twins, Holiday Portraits






A blessing is an understatement when we begin to speak about this shoot. For the first time ever, we were granted the opportunity to photograph not only one set of beautiful fraternal twin sisters but, their older siblings who just so happen to be a fraternal set of twins themselves! How awesome is that? These portraits were taken in their beautiful home where we were able to fully direct the shoot while the parents relaxed . The Watkins were fully cooperative and even tried their hands at being photographers-in-training taking a few shots themselves of their siblings.

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The Koshkorian’s made it quite easy for us to scout locations for this Fall shoot because their home in Calabasas was filled with an assortment of colors. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time in the peak of the new season; who doesn’t like to play around in the leaves every once in a while?

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Neo Modern Portraits

neo portrait001.JPGneo portrait002.JPGneo portrait003.JPG

When Olga saw her friends portraits at her home, she called and said, “I have a look that I would love you guys to create for my family. Do you know of a location that has a slightly romantic feel with interesting hardscape and gardens?”

We had a private location that fit her vision perfectly. We consulted with her at her home to finalize details and wardrobe, and secured a fabulous make-up artist to complete their look. Surprisingly, everything needed to be coordinated around their beautiful German Shepard Xena, the warrior princess.

Everybody had a blast, and the grandparents were thrilled to have a multi-generational portrait. The portraits are now hanging in their home as rich sepia tone’s  etched into metal that has  a dramatic impact on the entry foyer.

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Children’s Portrait Fairies and Falls

We had a wonderful time at our secret garden location, Izzy and Juliet were so excited looking for fairies in the falls.  Paul and Lauren got a real kick out of the girls when they saw the geese and peacocks.  This is one of those shoots that really don’t feel like work at all.

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Kids on the Bridge Children’s Portrait in Calabasas

What a fun shoot!! These were the best behaved dogs ever!! I think the boys had a blast and we came away with some awesome fathers day gifts. Kid’s portraits are always desired by dads.

Hogen Family

Hogen Family

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Who loves Horses?? (Portrait Photography in Calabasas)

IMG_9983Photographing people and their loved ones often includes their animals…  The really great thing is we always have new and different things to photograph.  Capturing the love and adoration is magical.

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