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Father and Daughter

Father Daughter Portrait
Not all great images are planned, but they all take a trained eye and a ready camera to capture.

Timothy and his daughter Isabella allowed us to show our adaptability and undying patience with little ones. Isabella was adorable, but very active and couldn’t sit still. Towards the end of the day, just as we were calling it a wrap, she settled down and we captured this touching moment between father and daughter. Great photographers are always prepared. If we had packed up our cameras five minutes earlier we wouldn’t have been able to catch this gem.

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Kozovaya Just in Time


We were brought together with the Kosovaya family by Anfisa. We were able to book the session just in time. Julia was 9 months pregnant and past her due date, giving birth only a few days later to a beautiful, healthy, baby boy named George. It was an incredible honor to work with the Kosovaya family including full time Lana, Artem and the kids.


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Thomas Family Portraits

The Thomas family are a joy to work with. They exude southern hospitality. We had numerous setups throughout their home, every one better than the last. At the end of the session we decided we had to highlight these college bound boy’s athleticism. This last show below turned out to be their favorite of the day!


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